STAMP - Secure, Template-Aware Mail Processor

STAMP is a secure, generic HTML form mailer written in Perl. It is easy to set up and provides security against your system being used as a spam gateway. STAMP also lets you customize generated email submissions using templates.



October 01, 2001

The new version of STAMP, version 0.06, adds support for PGP-encrypting email messages sent through the system. This allows you to send messages that only you can read; if intercepted, the messages will be unreadable by anyone else. This functionality requires that you have Crypt::OpenPGP installed on your server. The documentation has been updated with instructions on how to set up encryption for your STAMP forms.

July 06, 2001

Version 0.05 of STAMP has been released. There are no functionality changes; the only change is to the documentation, which is now more explicit about using one STAMP configuration file to configure settings for multiple forms.


STAMP v0.06


STAMP (stamp.cgi)

Author & Copyrights

Benjamin Trott,

Except where otherwise noted, STAMP is Copyright (c) 2001, Benjamin Trott. All rights reserved. STAMP is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.